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Light modification

Small Modifications for our Standard Products.

Our Standard Titan 5Gi product line can be tailored to meet your specific projects requirements, adding special features or hardware, while ensuring a fast time to market.

Product Features:

✓ Using standard products to meet customer’s specific needs.

✓ Alternative to customize power supplies.

✓ Minimum developments risk.

✓ High quality, using existing field proven building blocks.

✓ Short cycle time to market.

✓ Cost effective with minimum NRE.

Technical Requirements:

✓ Power requirements.

✓ Features for monitoring.

✓ Special regulations.

Application Requirements:

✓ Mechanical changes.

✓ Extreme ambient temperatures.

✓ High vibration and shock.

✓ Protection classes up to IP68.

✓ System constraints (size, form…)

✓ Number of outputs.


Economic Requirements:

✓ Saving development costs.

✓ Minimize risk.

✓ Samples available quickly.

✓ Fast access times.

cost effective, quickly available and without risk!

Horizon created the value-add light modification platform to help you receive your customised power supply, quickly and cost-effectively. In order to achive this, we modify our proven standard building blocks and combine them with customised form – fit – function if necessary.

The value-add light modification has many advantages: Development time is considerably shorter than for fully  customised power supplies, which automatically reduces costs. The light modifications solution is also based on proven building block that meet the highest technological standards.

When does a value-add solution make sense?

If your specification can not be cost-effectively accomplished with our standard power supplies, it makes sense to think about a value-add solution.

Other products

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Standard / Off-the-Shelf

✓  Meetmost of an application’s needs.

✓  Available.

Full Customization

✓  System constraints (size, form…).

✓  Value add.

✓  Longer time to market.